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Transcription JUNE 1839 19

regles is printed des for les.—Should it be uncorrected you will have to make one of your Clerks correct it with his pen. There are two or three errors in R. H. which I should like to note in this work—Jane Hurdis is printed for Jane Picket, and Alabama for Tombicbee.b
June 21. [1839]' Mess'rs Carey & Hart,
The copy of Vertot's Knights of Malta may be sent me.' If I remember rightly, I commissioned Mr. C. to procure it for me. The duplicate sigs of B. B. did not reach me till yesterday. Another small packet of M.S. has been forwarded, which I trust will reach you, with all succeeding ones, soon & safely. Our next publication shall be arranged, I trust, more satisfactorily to all parties. Would you like to undertake a History of South Carolina, in a single volume 12 mo., or two slender volumes—and on what terms? I should design the single volume for the use of schools. The work might be put forth in two vols. well leaded,—then compressed into
61n his "Advertisement" to Border Beagles Simms writes: "In the first edition of 'Richard Hurdis,' first volume, page 210, the 'Alabama' is erroneously printed for the 'Tombecbe river.' The same error is repeated at page 162, of the second edition. In the same volume, first edition, page 177, 'Jane Hurdis,' is improperly printed for 'Jane Pickett.' This error is corrected in the second edition. In the present work, des regles' occurs for 'Ies regles' at page 69, vol. 1.; and there will be found, scattered through the work, numerous small mistakes of like character, which the reader, while he corrects them, is at liberty to ascribe to the ignorance, the inexperience, or the carelessness of all concerned. An author, removed a thousand miles from his printer and the public, is little likely to heed their clamours about inaccuracies, which the same circumstance makes him peculiarly liable to commit." He continues: "The reader is requested to be indulgent to the inaccuracies of the press, some of which, in 'Richard Hurdis,' were of an annoying and awkward kind; all of them, perhaps, are attributable rather to the writer than to the printer."
'Dated by Simms' remarks concerning Border Beagles. See his other letters to Carey and to Carey and Hart of this year.
'The only translation we can locate of the Abbe Rene Aubert de Vertot d'Aubceues Histoire des chevaliers hospitaliers de. S. Jean de Jerusalem, appellez depuis les chevaliers de Rhodes, et aujourd'hui les chevaliers de Malte (1726) is that published under the title of The History of the Knights of Malta, 2 vols. (London: G. Strahan and others, 1728).