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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription NOVEMBER 1839 21 77d : To CAREY AND HART
Midway, Nov. 10 [1839]' Mess'rs Carey & Hart
Your letter, advising me that the conclusion of "B. B." has not been recieved is a source of positive affliction. I have written to Mr. Beile, by whose Clerk, the M.S.S. were entrusted to some private hand, with a request that he would urge the inquiry to the utmost and instantly, in the hope that the faithless carrier may be discovered. Truly, this poor book has been excessively unfortunate, and the final rewards should be excessively profitable to compensate you for the delay & me for the loss & labor. If in ten days I can get no tidings of the missing copy, 1 shall go to work to reproduce it—a labor which you may readily concieve to be of the most irksome description, not to speak of the great loss of time which it must occasion to one who has his hands already well filled with other matters. Oblige me, by making my profound regrets to the printer for his annoyances, which it gives me pain to believe can scarcely be less than my own. My best respects to Mr. E. L. C. with congratulations on his restoration to health & home.' Yr obt Servt & frd
W. Gilmore Simms

P.S. Address me at "Woodlands, near Midway."
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the loss of the manuscript of the conclusion of Border Beagles. See letter to Carey and Hart of Oct. 28 (77c).
'Edward L. Carey had made a trip to Europe. See letter to Carey and Hart of Oct. 28 (77c).