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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 22 THE SIMMS LETTERS 94a : To CAREY AND HART
Woodlands, Nov 25. [I840J' Messrs Carey & Hart
I am glad, that, with returning courage,—probably in consequence of Harrison's election—you have resolved on publishing 'the Gift' once more. I shall endeavor to meet your request in regard to the article' and sincerely trust that as your Whiggery has so greatly triumphed, you will regard the interests of literature with more complacency. You have so long considered Van Burenism as the ugly obstacle in the way of public prosperity—the only ugly one—that unless you make every thing now wear the couleur de rose, you will be liable to be considered false prophets every where. Does not this terror affright you? It should. You are now bound to put forth and publish with Steam Engine Rapidity—to give all your authors constant employment, and to pay them in the best currency that your contemporary & neighbour, Nick Biddle, can devise, pro bono publico. Have you thought on these matters. Are you willing to go to press?' Because,—I am still,
Yr Ob. Sett. & frd W. Gilmore Simms

'Dated by Simms' reference to William Henry Harrison's election as president of the United States (1840).
In The Gift ... for 1842 Simms published "'Murder Will Out.' A Genuine Ghost Story of the Old School," pp. 262-304.
'In his campaign against Martin Van Buren, Harrison was supported by the whole Whig Party and by the banks, particularly the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. Nicholas Biddle (1786—1844) was president of the Bank of the United States from 1822 until the expiration of its charter in Mar. 1836. At that time it was rechartered in Pennsylvania as the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania. Biddle continued as president until his resignation in Mar. 1839. Simms, who was a Democrat, was obviously opposed to both Harrison and the Bank.