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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JANUARY 1841 23 97(la) : To GEORGE ROBERTS1
P. O.
Woodlands, near Midway
So. Carolina.
)any 15.
Dear Sir.
Your letter dated the 7th reached me only this day. My professional engagements leave me little time, as my pecuniary necessities leave me little ability, to give my labours gratuitously. I regret this privation quite as much as any of my neighbours, and in proof of this I occasionally display my readiness to oblige, by doing some-thing hurriedly, tho' I greatly fear, at the expense of my reputation, for this or that literary Editor, who like yourself, solicits my contributions. I send you a small piece of verse which may fill, and I hope not unworthily a corner of your journal.' I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of your `Notion' the contents of which were read with pleasure, which, I have no doubt, its succeeding numbers will continue to afford. I shall be happy to receive them.
With our respect
I am Dr Sir. Yr obt Sert.
W Gilmore Simms Geo Roberts Esq.
'Publisher of the Boston Notion, one of the "mammoth" weeklies of the time, and of Roberts' Semi—Monthly Magazine.
2"Stanzas to a Lady Who Asked Why My Verses Were Always Sad," Roberts' Semi—Monthly Magazine, I (Feb. 15, 1841), 93. The poem was also published in the Boston Notion, II (Apr. 10, 1841), 1. For Simms' later contributions to Roberts' Semi—Monthly Magazine and the Boston Notion, see note 56, Apr. 8, 1841 (106), and note 3, Mar. 21, 1841 (104a).