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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 30 THE SIMMS LETTERS
large, various host of able contributors, depend upon no amateur literature, let your work contend on equal grounds, so far as type, paper, press work & illustration are concerned, with Northern con-temporaries, get good agents, and keep your collector (who shall be honest at the same time) constantly at his tasks. Do not fear, now that your hand is in. Remember what Spenser writes over all the doors but one—"Be bold, be bold, be bold!" Over only one door he writes—"Be not too bold. "9 Touching the articles on South-ern Literature, I must say but one word at present. I must wait a little while before I can answer you.10 I will send the volume of Poems" to Mr. Hart.1z In conclusion, while I still say you have undertaken a very serious labor, one that requires great faith, constancy and diligence, I see nothing which should make you faint or fear. There is nothing in your tasks which a noble woman, energetic, believing, having a deep strong heart, a fervent soul and a good mind, may not compass. You will, I think, if anybody. Respectfully and faithfully, Yr friend
W. G. Simms.
Charleston, S. C. Augt. 10—[1841]' dear Sir

I furnished a Prose Story and a Sketch in verse for the forthcoming annual of Mr. Williams, of your city, who, after keeping them all
"Faerie Queene, Book Ill, Canto xi, Stanza 54.
10Probably Mrs. Griffin had asked Simms to contribute articles on "Southern Literature." Evidently he never found time to enliven the pages of the Family Companion with thoughts on this interesting subject. The article entitled "Southern Literature" in the "Editorial Department" of the Family Companion, 11 (June 1842), 11801-181, was written by Mrs. Griffin (see note 6, July 24, 1842 1139a1).
"Southern Passages and Pictures. See following letters to the Griffins.
"Samuel Hart, Sr., bought the bookstore of John P. Beile. See letter to Carey and Hart of Aug. 2, 1841 (113).
'After Simms' date someone (probably Roberts) has written "1841"; on the back of the letter (in the same handwriting) is written "W. Gilmore Simms Aug. 10. 1841." The year , substantiated by Simms' reference to Rufus Wilmot Griswold (see note 3, below).