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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription SEPTEMBER 1841 35

sickness, night-watching & finally death in my family,14 kept me from performing my tasks. It will be November before I am free.15 This will excuse me to you for not having complied with your request for a story. By the way, when you set up my Indian Sketch, perhaps it will be safer to send me a proof.16 Send me 2.-by different mails; so that, should one fail the other may be sure. In conclusion, let me say, again—you have done wonders. Your work does equal credit to the taste of the publisher and the talents of the Editor. I have little or no fault to find. What I have, is already expressed. I put up a copy of my poems" for you some months ago, but it remains still with Hart waiting for an opportunity to be sent. Can you suggest one? With sincere wishes for your success. I am very respectfully
Yr obt servt.
W. G. Simms Mrs. S. L. Griffin.
Charleston Sep. 27. [1841]'
Mrs. S. L. Griffin. My dear Madam.
If I might presume so far, I should concur entirely with your husband in assuming that you do want nothing but practice and
'Simms' daughter Agnes, born on May 28, 1841, died in July. See letter to Lawson of Aug. 2 (112).
'SOn Sept. 10 Simms wrote to Lawson (117): "I am very much behind hand [with Beauchampe]. It was to have been prepared by August. . . . I average from 15 to 20 pages per diem—write like steam, recklessly, perhaps thoughlessly—can give you no idea of the work. Scarcely have any myself. . . It is now while I write 2 P. M. and I have written 17 pages since breakfast." On Oct. 15 he wrote to Lawson (121): "I am almost done my 'Beauchampe'. I see the end."
16"Oakatibbe, or the Chocktaw Sampson; an Indian Sketch," Family Companion, I (Nov. 14 and Dec. 15, 1841), 76-82, 163-169.
"Southern Passages and Pictures. See letter to Mrs. Griffin of June 8, 1841 (110a).
'Dated by Simms' discussion of the first number of the Family Companion. See letter to Mrs. Griffin of Sept. 8 (116a).