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Transcription 38 THE SIMMS LETTERS
view—perhaps a sketch mingling philosophy & humour,—as for example, my article in Godey's Lady's Book for Sep.—"The Philosophy of the Omnibus."9 The toil of inventing a tale of 20 pages is almost as great as that of inventing it for 2 vols. I do not think you will ever want for stories. Our magazine writers are spinning them day & night. They are the staple. You will rather want the graver weights by which they are to be balanced—kept down—kept from being too etherial & flying away with the `Companion.' You must give me the privilege, accorded me elswhere, of writing according to the movements of my own mind. I shall then write more confidently, and I trust more successfully.
Yr obt Serv. W. G. S.
[September 29, 1841]' My dear Madame.
My new work is not yet published, though I suppose it will be very shortly.' I have not a sheet or passage of it in my possession, and by the time you could recieve them from Phila. I suspect the whole work would be in the hands of the public. I should have no sort of reluctance to provide you with the sheets were I able. I send by Mr. Hart's bundle to Mr. Griffin a copy of my Poems.' I am in possession of a few copies which I should like to dispose of, as I happened to be originally interested in their sale. Do you suppose that Macon would furnish a market to a small extent. Pray, oblige
'See note 282, Aug. 7, 1845 (269).
'Dated by Simms' reference to the notice of the Family Companion in the Charles-ton Courier "of this day." The notice (probably by Simms) says that "we have received the specimen number," lists contributors and some contributions, and is mildly complimentary: "From the specimen before us we are certain that this work will deserve, and we hope it will command success."
'Southern Passages and Pictures.