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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 40 THE SIMMS LETTERS
may also have in his possession some of the inedited MS.S. of his brother who is now Treasurer of the Republic of Texas—Mr. James W. Simmons, the author of "The Exile's Return" and sundry other volumes of prose & verse. No doubt you would be able to secure a valuable contributor in W. H. S. and he might prompt his brother ultimately to give you a series of Texan sketches, to which task he is very competent.' My History of South Carolina, has now been published about a year. It is very generally adopted in our schools and will probably become in time the Class Book throughout the state. I am now meditating a second & stereotype edition, and would be glad to supply Mr. Griffin with any number for his series on very favorable terms. For the Copyright of the work my price is $3.000.8 I had commenced taking notes for a History of Georgia, on a similar plan, but laid it aside under the pressure of other labors. I will probably finish it this winter, and should be pleased to find a Purchaser for it in Mr. Griffin. It would not be so copious a work as that of South Carolina. Should Mr. G. be so pleased I should like to treat with him for two abridged Histories of Carolina & Georgia. These, however, it appears to me should be seperate.9 We in South Carolina are under the impression that there is some little jealousies towards us, in some sections of your state, which operate unfavorably to both countries. It is one important work before you as Editress to smoothe down these ruffling prejudices, and inspire the people of both regions with a sense of the necessity of harmonious action as the only means of securing a common fame and

'We are unable to attribute to William Hayne Simmons or James Wright Simmons (see introductory sketch of the Simmons brothers) anv thing published in the Family Companion. William Hayne Simmons' Notices of East Florida, with an Account of the Seminole Nation of Indians was printed for the author by A. E. Miller, Charleston, in 1822. "Canto the First" of his Onea: an Indian Tale was printed in Charleston by T. B. Stephens in 1820; a corrected and enlarged edition of the poem was published in Philadelphia by J. B. Lippincott & Co. in 1857. James Wright Simmons was the author of The Exile's Return: A Tale, in Three Cantos: With Other Pieces (Charleston: Published by the Author, 1819), The Maniac's Confession, a Fragmentary Tale (Philadelphia: M. Thomas, 1821), and other works.
"The second edition of The Hiscory of South Carolina was published by S. Babcock & Co., Charleston, in 1842. Simms' question in his letter to Lawson of Jan. 8, 1841 (96), "Did you see the Harpers on the subject of my history" indicates that he had hoped that Harper and Brothers might publish a stereotype edition.
'Simms abandoned his plan for a history of Georgia. See letter to the Grifffins of Nov. 3, 1841 (122h).