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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription OCTOBER 1841 41
a prolonged existence. To recur—I should be pleased to have proposals from Mr. G. for either or both of these Histories.-1 shall be very well pleased to recieve the series of your Publications.10 I have two daughters, the one 12, the other 2 years old," to whom they will be valuable.
With much respect, I am, Madam,
Yr very obliged & Obt Servant
W. G. Simms

P. S. I can provide Mr. Griffin with a few copies of three of my works, which I suspect have never been offered for sale in Macon—viz.
Carl Werner & Other Tales, 2 vols.
Southern Passages & Pictures 1— and
Atalantis— (pamphlet)12
The sale of these would promote my interests in some small degree.
W. G. S. Mrs. S. L. Griffin.
Charleston, Oct. 14. [1841]' My dear Madame,
Do send your work to "James Lawson, Esq. New York,["] and credit him with his subscription for one year, which amt. you will please charge to me. Mr. Lawson, by the way, is a Gentleman of
1''See letter to Mrs. Griffin of Sept. 8, 1841 (116a). "Augusta and Mary Derrille.
''Atalantis, a Story of the Sea: In Three Parts (New York: J. & J. Harper, 1832).
'Dated by Simms' order for a subscription of the Family Companion for James Lawson. See letter to Lawson of Oct. 15, 1841 (121).