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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 42 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Letters who writes both prose & verse with ability, and you would find him a valuable acquisition could you secure his assistance. He writes for the Knickerbocker & the South. Lit Messenger, and was the author of the Biography of Bryant & Review of his writings in the latter work sometime last year.' May I hope to hear from Mr. G. shortly on the subjects of my last letter. I should like to treat with him for an edition of 1500 copies of a School History of Georgia. On the first Novr. my address will be "Midway, Bamwell District, South Carolina."—I send you a vol. of Poems in a bundle which Hart puts up for you today.'
Very Respectfully
W. G. Simms
Mrs. S. L. Griffin.
Did you get the Charleston paper I sent you.4
Woodlands. near Midway P. O. South Carolina Nov. 3. [1841]' Mrs. S L. Griffin
My dear Madam.
You see by this I have changed my abode for the season. Jack Frost gives us carte blanche (almost literally) and we are once more among the "woods and braes of bonny"' Edisto. Perhaps, this change has somewhat delayed the progress of your proofsheet;' the first part of which only reached me last evening. I have corrected it and
"Moral and Mental Portraits. William Cullen Bryant," VI (Jan. 1840), 106-114. 'Probably Southern Passages and Pictures, promised in his letter to Mrs. Griffin of Sept. 8 (116a).
The Courier of Sept. 29. See letter to Mrs. Griffin of that date (119h).
'Dated by Simms' proposal for a stereotype edition of his History of South Carolina. See letter to Mrs. Griffin of Sept. 29 (1196).
Simms uses the language of Bums, but the phrase does not appear in any of his poems.
'Of "Oakitibbe."