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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription NOVEMBER 1841 43
return it by this day's mail. You refer to some portions of your last which I left unanswered. The omission was surely accidental. In-disposition & the singular pressure of my literary tasks, may have rendered me more than usually obtuse and unobserving. May I trespass upon you so far as to request that you will readvise me of any topic which I have failed to notice,—as just now, amidst the confusion by which I am surrounded, it will not be easy for me to lay hands upon the letter to which you allude. Your last letter dated Oct. 2. did not reach me till Nov. It is endorsed, as brought by private hand, but at the same time postmarked at Macon, Oct 20. (?) Did I mention to you that one or two of your previous letters, sent by private hand, were postmarked to me, a month after, from N. York? I see favorable notices of your work in several of the Northern papers.' I have no sort of doubt that you will make a work highly deserving of both praise & profit. May they always go together. I give the rest of my letter to Mr. Griffin.
Very respectfully, Yr obt Servt.
W. G. Simms

Mr. B. E. Griffin, Sir
My suggestion on the subject of my History of South Carolina was in anticipation of a new stereotype edition of that work which I am about to prepare. Since writing to you on the subject I have opened a sort of treaty with Mr. Hart, Bookseller of Charleston, who, being in the city, in the way of trade, appears better calculated than myself to attend to the publication of such a work. I have requested him to treat with you on the subject.—I have ordered that a certain small supply of copies of Carl Werner, Southern Passages, Atalantis, and the Defence of Slavery,' should be sent to you on sale. The remaining copies are few, and I have counselled
We have not located these notices.
'Slavery in America, Being a Brief Review of Miss Martineau on That Subject (Richmond: Thomas W. White, 1838).