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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 44 THE SIMMS LETTERS
them not to burden your shelves unnecessarily. Please advise me what number of these works you may recieve.—We very much want a Southern Publishing House in our country, and a Publisher of any courage & tact must do well. Our public ought to be provided with educational books at home, which should do justice to the fame of our people, and conserve the character of our Institutions. They are, I think, fast becoming aware of this necessity, but the cursed Parley Books, which are vile & injurious humbugs, should be written down.° I am not wedded to the Northern Publishers, and should freely give my strength & succor to any enterprising gentleman at home who would launch fairly into the stream. I spoke a few days ago in Charleston to Mr. Tefft of Savannah,' and suggested the propriety of getting up a series of Southern biography, after the manner of Sparks'.8 I suggested to him that the state might be brought to co-operate in this object, in the creation of County School libraries, as is now done in N. Y. Mass. N. J &c. &c. If the Histl. Society of Savannah would take it up, & your legislature would second the plan, I suspect that not only North & South Caro, but that Virginia & Alabama,' Mississippi & Louisiana, would follow suit. A moderate appropriation, from each of these states for a certain number of copies would make a permanent foundation. I should be willing and partially prepared to begin with a life of Marion, one of Sumter, one of Greene, &c.10 This would be a good subject for the editorial pen of Mrs. Griffin. The Hisry of Georgia I have determined to decline, as I find Dr. Stevens busy upon a
'Under the pseudonym of "Peter Parley," Samuel Griswold Goodrich (1793-1860), of Connecticut, wrote a number of very popular books for children.
'Israel Keech Tefft (see introductory sketch) became one of Simms' closest friends.
'Jared Sparks (1789–1866) edited The Library of American Biography, 25 vols. (Boston: Hilliard, Gray and Co.; London: R. J. Kennett, 1834–1848). 'Simms wrote Virginia & Alaabama.
Simms wrote The Life of Francis Marion (New York: Henry G. Langley, 1844) and The Life of Nathanael Greene, Major-General in the Army of the Revolution (New York: George F. Cooledge & Brother, 118491). He did not write a biography of Gen. Thomas Sumter (1734-1832).