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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription DECEMBER 1841 45

similar work." I have not rec'd. the copy of your Botany which you speak of in your letter.12 Very respectfully Yr obt Serv. W. G. Simms

Carl Werner retails in Charleston for $2.00. South Passages for $1.00. Atalantis 50/too and the Defence of Slavery for 50/ioo. I sup-pose they should command the same prices in Macon,
Woodlands S. Carolina Dec. 23d 1841 P. H. Winston Esqr.
It gives me great pleasure to recieve and to comply with the complimentary request of the Philomathesian Society of Wake Forest College of which you are the organ.
I shall have much pride in acknowledging and remembering the honorary distinction which this institution confers upon me. You do not mistake my feelings in regard to the literature of our common country & the anxiety which I feel doubly, as a man of letters and a patriot in seeing a proper impulse given & especially to that of the South.
"William Bacon Stevens (see introductory sketch) published Vol. I of A History of Georgia in 1847, Vol. II in 1859. On surrendering his project Simms wrote to Stevens on Dec. 30, 1841 (126), that he "had done but a week's work" on his history.
"John Darby's A Manual of Botany, Adapted to the Productions of the Southern States (Macon: B. F. Griffin, 1841). It ran through many editions and was a popular textbook for schools in the South.
'We have not located the original of Simms' letter. Our text is from a copy in the "Philomathesian Literary Society Letter Book, 1835—1849," in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University. Winston was corresponding secretary of the society and had written to Simms on Dec. 15 asking "the honor of enrolling" his name on the society's "catalogue of Honorary Members" (original in the Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana Library). Winston (1820—1886) was later a planter in Bertie County, N.C., a member of the N.C. General Assembly (1850—1854), financial agent between North Carolina and the Confederate States of America (1863), and president of the Council of State (1864).