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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 46 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Such Societies as these which you represent are the most able agents that I know in the promotion of the holy cause of letters, and that you will do great good in your generation and after it, is as much my confident faith as hope.
Accept sir for yourself & society my honest and warm wishes that you may succeed happily in all the good works you undertake.
Yours respectfully,
Your obt. servt. & friend
W. Gilmore Simms. 126a : To ISRAEL KEECH TEFFT
Woodlands, Jan 10. [1842]' My dear Sir
Am I to understand that it is permitted me to defer my Lecture before your Society, according to an intimation contained in my last letter? I should much prefer to visit you in March, or, at least, to have until the 20th or 25th of that month allowed me. I might put myself in sufficient readiness by the 25th. of February & would, if it be insisted on; but so much labor presses on me just now that I am for securing every possible chance of respite.' Added to my

'Dated by Simms' remarks that his "friends 6t neighbours ... have forced me into nomination for the Legislature—my first candidacy" (see letter to Stevens of Dec. 30, 1841 [126], and following letters). Simms withdrew from the race in May (see letters to Hammond of Apr. 30 and June 17 [131 and 137]).
'On Dec. 21, 1841, Tefft, Solomon Cohen, and Robert Milledge Charlton, a committee of the Georgia Historical Society, wrote to Simms informing him that he had been elected one of the lecturers before the society and asking that the lecture be delivered before Mar. 1 (original in the Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana Library). Simms accepted the invitation around Dec. 30 (see letter to Stevens of that date [126]). He delivered two lectures, on Mar. 8 and Mar. 10, on "The Epochs and Events of American History, as Suited to the Purposes of Art in Fiction" (see letter to Tefft of Feb 26 (128a]). Three extracts from these lectures were published in the Magnolia: "Hernando de Soto; a Study for the Poet,""Pocahontas; a Study for the Historical Painter," and "The Settlements of Coligny," IV (May 1842), 286-288, 305—306; N. S., 1 (July 1842), 29-31. Parts of the lectures were later published in Simms' Southern and Western Monthly Magazine and Review, 1 (Mar., Apr., and June 1845), 182—191, 257-261, 385—392; II (July, Aug., and Sept. 1845), 10-16, 87—94, 145—154. This material