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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Saturday MG [March 12, 1842]' Mon Ami.
Do get me copies of the paper for this morning, and that of Thursday last. I am anxious that my wife should see what the solemn-bearded authorities of Savannah say in my honor. I am one of those good husbands, you see, who refer for the final favour to the Domestic Divinities. Madame is no ways literary, but it makes her little heart jump to hear that I have pleased those who are; and entre nous, —when all is said & done, I prefer rather to please that little, unliterary heart, than the grave philosophical heads of all the whole world of criticism. But this confession must not reach either of these two parties. It might make the little heart too vain and proud, and the big heads angry. So mum!
Yours Ever &c
W. Gilmore Simms Mons. Tefft.
'Dated by Simms' request for "copies of the paper for this morning, and that of Thursday last" in which his lectures (see letter to Tefft of Mar. 9 [128b1) are reviewed. The lectures are favorably reviewed at length in the Savannah Georgian of Mar. 10 (Thursday), Mar. 12 (Saturday), and Mar. 14 (Monday).
Simms refused payment for his lectures (see letter to Tefft of Mar. 12 [1291). He must have left Savannah on Mar. 13 or 14, since on Mar. 15 Tefft, as corresponding secretary of the society, wrote a formal letter addressed to Simms at Woodlands in which he quotes the resolution of the society at its meeting on Mar. 14: "Resolved that the Society feel under peculiar obligations to the disinterested kindness of William Gilmore Simms Esq: one of its honorary members, in contributing so largely to the gratification and instruction of our fellow citizens and the Society, by his two able and interesting lectures delivered on the evenings of the 8th. and 10th instant" (original in the Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana Library).