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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 50 THE SIMMS LETTERS
[July 15, 184212 Dear Sir
If you can conveniently lay hands upon the vol. which contains the "Alfred" of Mr. Hasell, you will very much oblige me by letting me have its use for some two weeks) I will do myself the honor of making an early afternoon call.
Very faithfully Yr frd & servt.
W. Gilmore Simms
M. King. Esq. Friday Aftn.
Charleston, July 24 [1842]' My dear Sir.
In making out my account and drawing upon you, I entirely forgot to give you credit for the subscription of Mr. Lawson (not
and Hart, 1842) in the Magnolia, N. S., I (Aug. 1842), 117-122, Simms repeats these sentiments: "Briefly ... this certainly is the most complete collection of American poets, that has ever been made. . . . We cannot entirely approve of the plate of portraits—that of Halleck is good, that of Longfellow tolerably so, while that of Bryant, seems a very wretched carricature." But he censures Griswold for omitting "certain Southern writers" and for his partiality to the northern poets. The frontispiece to the volume is an engraving of a bust of Richard Henry Dana and of portraits of Bryant, Halleck, Longfellow, and Charles Sprague.
'King was one of the leading lawyers of Charleston. See note 183, June 26, 1858 (885).
'Someone (probably King) wrote at the bottom of the sheet "15 July 1842." Since this date was a Friday, we have accepted it.
'Simms was collecting material for The Charleston Book: A Miscellany in Prose and Verse (Charleston: Samuel Hart, Sen., 1845). The "Prospectus" is dated July 15, 1841 (see letter to Lawson of Aug. 16, 1841 [1151); the volume was copyrighted July 23, 1844, and the "Advertisement" in the volume is dated Oct. 1, 1844 (p. iv). A brief review of the work appears in the New York Morning News of Nov. 14, 1844. For Hasell's "Alfred," see letter to King of June 17, 1843 (163a).
'Dated by Simms' remarks about his "Notice" of Mrs. Griffin's "School Books." In the Magnolia, N. S., I (July 1842), 58-60, Simms published an article entitled