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Transcription 58 THE SIMMS LETTERS
shall be given so as to promote rather than impair your sales. Pray, let me hear from you, on the reciept of this letter.
Very respectfully, Yr servt
Wm. Gilmore Simms Mr Sidney Babcock.
Woodlands, Decr. 26. [18421' My dear Sir
I felt quite vexed with myself, on leaving you the other night, at having neglected to remind you of the copies of verse, which you were pleased to promise me for publication. These, if I remember, were two pieces, an exquisite little song, and a translation from Michel Angelo,—a brief dialogue between himself & Country. Do not, I pray you, consider me too inveterately editorial, in bringing this kind promise to your recollection; but it is a point of honor, in the Editorial bosom, not to forego its hold upon a good thing, when it fortunately happens upon it.' I send you, herewith, a copy of the Tales of which I spoke to you.' Some of them are crude & puerile,—the fruits of my first beginnings. But the imaginative things will, I trust, give you pleasure. I had the satisfaction to find my little family in good condition. A merry Christmas, & Happy New Year to yours. Pray, present me kindly to Mr & Mrs J. Wilde
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the poems that Wilde had promised to give him for the Magnolia. Wilde evidently sent them soon after he received Simms' letter. See note 2, below.
'"Odi D'un Nom IUoml Che Muore" and "Madrigal on Florence, under the Tyranny of Duke Alexander De' Medici, in the Form of a Dialogue," Magnolia, N. S., II (Feb. and Mar. 1843), 117, 153. Simms also prints the Italian for the second of these, and notes say that the poems are "from a Volume of MS. Poems, entitled 'Specimens of Italian Lyrics.'"
`Carl Werner, an Imaginative Story; with Other Tales of Imagination. Wilde was "greatly pleased" with the tales. See note 5, July 20, 1843 (I69a).