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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 1843 61
from Thos. Day, author of Sanford & Merton,'" Lady Penn,'
Dr. Price4
L'd Sandwich' Sydney°
Yours truly Simms.

this collection shortly after he became intimate with Tefft and sent him autographs from it which he thought would not damage the historical value of the collection as a whole. We have, therefore, dated this note 1843?, though, of course, it could have been written at any time between Mar. 1842 and the date of Tefft's death (1860). Neither the handwriting nor the paper casts any light on the date.
'Lot 1961 in the Catalogue of the Entire Collection of Autographs of the Late Mr. I. K. Tefft, of Savannah, Ga. . . . The Whole to Be Sold by Auction, without Reserve, at the Trade Sale Rooms, 498 Broadway, New York. Leavitt, Strebeigh & Co., Auctioneers, on Monday, March 4th, and Following Days . . . (New York: Leavitt, Strebeigh & Co., 1867), p. 183, is "Day, Thomas . . . A. L. S., 4to, 1783. 2 Portraits." Day (1748–1789) is remembered for The History of Sandford and Merton (London, 1783–1789), a novel which for a number of decades was forced upon children by moralistic adults.
'Among the autographs listed as lot 1037 in ibid., p. 107, is "A. L. S., 4to. pp. 2, of Lady Juliana Penn, addressed to Henry Laurens, requesting his protection for her son, whom she wishes to send to America with him, 'and be presented by you to those who ought to be, and I trust will prove, his friends.' Dated 'Spring Garden, London, Nov., 1782.'" Lady Juliana (b. 1729), daughter of Thomas Fermor, 1st Earl of Pomfret, was the wife of Thomas Penn (1702–1775), second son of William Penn and one of the hereditary proprietors of the province of Pennsylvania.
'Among the autographs listed as lot 2459 in ibid., p. 238, is "Price, Dr. Richard
Note in 3d person, to Mr. Laurens, with a request to forward a package to Dr. Franklin, 4to, pp. 1, 1782." Price (1723–1791) was a nonconformist minister who wrote on morals, economics, and politics. He was an opponent of Britain's war with the American colonies.
'Among the autographs listed as lot 2547 in ibid., p. 251, is "Sandwich, frank." Undoubtedly this is an autograph of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718–1792), the corrupt first lord of the Admiralty during Lord North's administration. He is perhaps just as well known today as one of the "monks" of Medmenham Abbey.
'Among the autographs listed as lot 2547 in ibid., p. 251, is "Sydney, 2 franks." Thomas Townshend (1733–1800), a leader of the opposition to Lord North's administration, was created Viscount Sydney on Mar. 6, 1783. He held various important posts in the government during the 1780s.
'Among the autographs listed as lot 1904 in ibid., p. 176, is "Craven, Lord, note in 3d person, 1782." William Craven, 6th Baron Craven of Hampsted Mar-shall (1738–1791), unlike Sandwich and Sydney, was not prominent in public affairs.