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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JUNE 1843 67 163a : To MITCHELL KING
June 17. [1843P My dear Judge
I trust you have been enabled to prepare the little paper which I begged at your hands for the forthcoming issue of the "Charleston Book." If not will you endeavour to have it ready for me by the 1st. proxo. You know what I want—something in prose, unique, sketchy, picturesque. Our southern writers have been almost too uniformly too grave, if not severe in their writings for our purpose. The paper should not exceed three or four printed 12 mo. pages. Your poem I will select from the mag. vol. in your collection, which I once more beg that you will send me. I wish that vol. which contains the poem of Alfred by Hasell. 2
Yrs faithfully &c
W. G. Simms Hon. M. King.
Camps," see note 2, Mar. 28, 1843 (1566). All of these tales except Helen Halsey and Castle Dismal were later included in The Wigwam and the Cabin, First and Second Series (New York: Wiley and Putnam, 1845).
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the "mag. vol." which he had been trying to borrow from King for almost a year (see letters to King of July 15, 1842, and Jan. 10, 1843 [139a and 149 (la)]). He had the volume before Aug. 1843, when in his review of Griswold's The Poets and Poetry of America in the Magnolia, N. S., 1, 117—118, he quotes from it in discussing Griswold's omission of Hasell from his book.
'Simms wanted the two volumes of the Monthly Review and Literary Miscellany of the United States (the title of the second volume is the Monthly Register, Magazine, and Review of the United States), published in Charleston during 1806-1807. Stephen Cullen Carpenter edited the first volume; with the second volume John Bristed became coeditor and, upon Carpenter's resignation in May 1807, sole editor. "Alfred: An Historical Poem. Delivered at the Public Commencement at Yale-College, in New-Haven, September 11, 1799," by William Sorenzo Hasell (1780—1815), of Charleston, was published in the Monthly Review and Literary Miscellany, 1 (Oct., Nov., and Dec. 1806), 311-312, 358-360, 391—392; II (Feb. 1807), 145—147. King's "The Resolve" (signed "The Wanderer" and dated "Charleston, 1806") was published in the same magazine, I (Oct. 1806), 332—344. "Alfred" and "The Resolve" are included in The Charleston Book, pp. 50-61, 77—88. Before its publication in Carpenter's magazine "Alfred" had been published separately: Alfred: An Historical Poem, Delivered at the Public Commencement at Yale College, in New-Haven, September 11, 1799. Written by a Carolinian of Eighteen, a Student in the Said College (Charleston: Printed by T. C. Cox, 1800).