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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription APRIL 1844 73
in this way I shall send you promptly. Accompanying I send you some trifles not of an historical character, but they may please you in an idle moment,' as the result of the idle moments of
Your Very obt. &c
W. Gilmore Simms Peter Force, Esq.
Woodlands, 20th. April [1844]'
S. Babcock, Esq. Dear Sir
Modifying your proposition in one point only, I make it mine as follows:
1. You pay for the Questions, already due, for the
Geography' $12.00

2 You pay for those wanted for the History 12.00
3 You honor my draft in favor of Babcock & Co of
Charleston August 1st. 1844 76.00
3 You honor my dft May 1. ! ! 1845 100.00
4 "" Sept 1. 1845 100.00
You see that I take your offer only requiring the draft in favor Df your brother to be paid four months sooner. Let me add that I :an get the cash for the whole amount, at any moment, for the same

'Probably Donna Florida. A Tale (Charleston: Burges and James, 1843) was one 4 these "trifles."
'Dated by Simms' remark that his draft should be honored by Aug. 1, 1844. 'At the end of Simms' Geography of South Carolina is a section entitled "Questions )n the Geography of South Carolina," pp. 17171-192.