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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 74 THE SIMMS LETTERS
privilege from another publishing house. But as long as we can agree, you have undoubtedly a right to the preference.
Yours truly W. G. Simms P. S. Pray let me hear from you shortly.
Charleston, June 16. [1844)` My dear Sir
I have not thought it worth while to say any thing in answer to your last letter stating your determination to accept my terms for the new edition of the History of South Carolina. But, upon reflection, it seems to me quite as well that I should do so. A simple recapitulation for the help of mutual recollection, will suffice. You are then to have the right of publishing three thousand (3000) copies of my history of South Carolina, forming the third edition of that work, on the following conditions: You are
1st. To cancel a charge against me for Questions to my $12.00
2d. To provide similar questions to my Hy. 12.00
3"" Honor my draft in favor of S. B & Co.
Augt. 1. 1844 76.00

4th. Honor dft May 1. 1845 100.00
my on
5""" Sept. 1. 1845 100.00
'Dated by Simms' remarks about his agreement with Babcock. See letter to Babcock of Apr. 20, 1844 (199h).