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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 84 THE SIMMS LETTERS
shall have to bide our time.2-Duyckinck happened to come in the moment after I got your letter, but neither he nor I had heard from you before, nor of the vol. of Poets.' Where they be,—the letter & book,—we know not. How does your work advance?4 We shall both be very glad to see you here, where there is much hope of a good business campaign in the publishing world. It is not feared that the Whig cry of 'Wolf will reproduce the ancient panic.
Yours respectfully &c
W. Gilmore Simms. Rev. R. W. Griswold
321a : To Louis ANTOINE GODEY'
lc. September 2, 184612 My dear Godey
I am not solicitous about the small matter to which you refer me on the sheet which you return, & have made the alteration as you desire. You are properly prudent in your management. I can not just now say what the residue will make, since subjects such as this are apt to grow under one's hands. But let me know how many pages will suffice for each number. How far, for example, will the Chap. go which I sent you.' Don't forget that you have some sonnets
'Probably Griswold had approached Abraham Hart on the subject of publishing Simms' proposed "illustrated volume of Poems," which Simms himself later unsuccessfully attempted to convince Hart he should publish. See letters to Griswold of Feb. 10 and to Carey and Hart of Oct. 26 and Dec. 13, 1847 (296a, 409, and 416).
'The Poets and Poetry of England, in the Nineteenth Century (Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1844). See letter to Duyckinck of Aug. 9, 1846 (319).
'Griswold was working on his Prose Writers of America (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1847).
'See introductory sketch.
'This letter is postmarked "Sep 3." The year is established by Simms' remarks concerning his contributions to Godey's Lady's Book. See notes 3 and 4, below.
'"Maize in Milk. A Christmas Story of the South," a novelette, was published in Godey's Lady's Book, XXXIV (Feb., Mar., Apr., and May 1847), 62-67, 146-152, 199-204, 249-258.