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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription OCTOBER 1846 85
of mine in hand, some of which I think particularly good.' I thank you for your attention to the music &c. I sent you a notice which I made of one of your late nos.
Yours truly
W. Gilmore Simms
Charleston, Oct 22. [1846]' My dear Tefft
I am in reciept of the very interesting copy of Bayard from the Library of Mr. Smets, of which you may assure him I shall be particularly careful. It may be that I shall be slow in returning it, as I do not now hope to have my own work finished till the spring.' But, in the meantime, I shall keep it safely. I thank you, and dear little Mama,' for your kindly sympathies. We have been grievously made to suffer in our young, and have now but three left out of seven, and one of these an infant.' But, it will be well for us, if in the language of one of our old Poets,—God,
'To save the parents takes the child.'
I trust you flourish and keep young. You deserve to do so. And you

'"Heart Fancies.—A Series of Sonnets" ("First Love,""Profitless Fidelity,""Tears,""Meteor at Sea," and "The Three Graves") was published in ibid., XXXIV (Mar. 1847), 156; "Despondency and Self-Reproach. A Group of Sonnets" ("Oh, friend, but thou art come to see me die!""Hadst thou come sooner! But 'tis not too late ...,""Ah! thou didst use to steer her chartfully ...") in ibid., XXXV (Oct. 1847), 168.
'Dated by Simms' remarks about Caruthers and Jackson. See below.
'For Alexander Augustus Smets (1795-1862), owner of a varied and extensive library, see note 102, June 9, 1868 (1305). In the "Advertisement" of The Life of the Chevalier Bayard (New York: Harper (St Brothers, 1847), p. lvl, Simms thanks Smets for the use of the "rare and quaint old volume" Symphorien Champier's Les Gestes encelble la vie du preulx chevalier Bauard . . . (Lyons: Villiers, 1525), one of the main sources for his book.
'Mrs. Tefft, the former Penelope Waite.
'Valeria Govan Simms died on Sept. 20; Mary Lawson Simms was born on Sept. 13. Simms' other children alive at this time were William Gilmore Simms, Jr., and Anna Augusta Singleton Simms (his daughter by his first wife). In addition to Valeria, Simms had lost three other daughters: Virginia Singleton Simms (d. 1838), Agnes Simms (d. 1841), and Mary Derrille Simms (d. 1842).