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Transcription 90 THE SIMMS LETTERS
material for your joumal;4—and it is not impossible that I might suggest topics for handling, suitable to your tastes & objects, such as you have so kindly counselled for mine. Your hints shall be carefully considered, and I shall look to the subjects indicated with curious inquiry.—My Life of Bayard is about to go to press. I shall probably be in the hands of the devil in a day or two. I shall instruct my publishers to place a copy of the work at your disposal, when it is ready for the reader.' Present me to Mr. Kennedy,6 and keep me favorably in your remembrance, refreshing mine by a letter when most convenient.
Very faithfully Yours &c
W. Gilmore Simms

W. H. Carpenter, Esq.
New York: May 27 [1847]' Gentlemen
I wrote to Mr. Griswold, some ten days ago, to say that I had finished the biographical sketch of Greene, and to ask how I should convey it to you free of expense & in safety. It is probable that my letter has not reached him, or that he is out of town; and I now submit the question to you, remembering that you were anxious to
'Carpenter was coeditor (with William Tappan Thompson) of the Western Continent (Baltimore).
'The Literary World, 1 (July 31, 1847). 616, announces that Simms' The Life of the Chevalier Bayard "is rapidly passing through the press," and the same periodical, II (Dec. 11, 1847), 459-460, quotes excerpts from the biography and describes it as "now in press." It is reviewed in ibid., III (Jan. 29, 1848), 628—631 (see note 24, Feb. 11, 1848 (421)).
'John Pendleton Kennedy (see introductory sketch). whom Simms had met in 1840. See note 3, June 23, 1852 (626a).
'Dated by Simms' remarks about his "biographical sketch of [Nathanael) Greene" and "Maize in Milk." See notes 2 and 4, below.