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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription FEBRUARY 1849 93
leave to propose to you a work, semi historical, upon which I have been for some time engaged, & which needs but a few weeks of being finished. It is entitled
"The Lily and the Wampum,
a narrative of the
Colonies of Coligny
in Florida."
It is in two volumes of probably 300 or 320 pages each, contains the history of a most exciting and interesting endeavour of the French to colonize Florida, with Huguenots, all enveloped in an atmosphere of fiction. I am prepared to share with you the profits, or to make any reasonable arrangement for the publication.—What tidings of the anonymous volume, and when do you propose to publish.' Let me hear from you at your first convenience.
Yours very faithfully W. Gilmore Simms 470a : To BRANTZ MAYER
Woodlands, 27 Feb. 1849
Brantz Mayer Esq dear Sir
I am glad to have your promise for the article in season for the April issue. I shall keep a space for it. I trust that you will be able to continue your favors, & doubt not that the increasing resources of the Review will justify the publisher in making the compensation

the Totem) in Aug. 1848 (see letters to Lawson of Aug. 27 and to Hammond of Aug. 29 1441 and 442)), this letter in which he says the work, here called "The Lily and the Wampum,""needs but a few weeks of being finished" should be dated 1848. He had the work in mind as early as 1845 (see note 180, Sept. 11, 1850 (549)), but his reference in this letter to "the anonymous volume" (As Good as a Comedy), referred to by Simms in his letters to Carey and Hart of c. Sept. 6 ("the work of which you wot") and Dec. 13 ("the volume ... which . . . shall be ready for you in the spring"), 1847 (403 and 416), is further evidence of the date. Abraham Hart did not publish The Lily and the Totem; it was published by Baker and Scribner, New York, in 1850.
'As Good as a Comedy was not published by Hart until Mar. 1852. See note 79, Mar. 28, 1851 (575).