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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 94 THE SIMMS LETTERS
adequate to the claims of contributors. Yours, let me assure you, will be always highly appreciated by myself.'—Will you do me the favor to instruct your publishers to send me a copy of your writings on Mexico. I purchased sometime ago, two numbers of your work on the ancient & modem history of that country, but either you discontinued that form of publication, or the issues never reached our city, as I have since been able to procure none of them.' I shall always be glad to hear from you and feel the kindness and compliment conveyed in your note. Be pleased to believe me Very truly
Your friend & obt Servt W. Gilmore Simms 473b: To BRANTZ MAYER
Woodlands S. C. March 10 [1849]'
Hon. Brantz Mayer Dear Sir.
I am in reciept of your article in relation to the origin of the War with Mexico, which shall have a place in our next issue. The Publisher, Mr. Burges writes me from Charleston, that your draft shall be duly honored. Permit me to hope that you will continue your favors to the Review in spite of the inadequate compensation, assured that with its improving fortunes (which necessarily depend upon the value of its papers) the remuneration will be increased. Though not myself personally interested in the business of the Re-view, you will recieve my assurance that with the improvement of its means shall be the increase of its pay to contributors. I have
'Simms succeeded John Milton Clapp (1810—1857) as editor of the Southern Quarterly Review with the number for Apr. 1849. Burges and James had published the periodical during Clapp's editorship, but with Simms' first number James S. Burges became sole publisher (see note 56, Mar. 15, 1849 1474]). To this number Mayer contributed "Origin of the War with Mexico" (signed "B. M."), XV, 83—113.
'Mexico as It Was and as It Is (New York: J. Winchester, 1844). A third edition, revised and corrected, was published by W. Taylor and Co., Baltimore, in 1846.
'Beneath Simms' date Mayer wrote, "Answd. 23d March 1849."