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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1849 95
myself agreed for the present, in the day of its exigency, to work for little pay, yet no one feels more imperatively than I do, the policy & the necessity of paying contributors handsomely. Let me hear from you at your leisure, and hold me Very faithfully Yours &c
W. Gilmore Simms.
Woodlands S. C. March 17. 1849 Charles Gayarre Esq.
dear Sir:
Though personally unknown to you, I assume that the subject upon which I approach you will justify my freedom in doing so. Having lately been persuaded to accept the seat of Editor of the Southern Quarterly Review, I am naturally anxious to strengthen myself by a goodly array of able contributors. It is with this desire that I address myself to you. I need not insist upon the value of such a periodical, particularly to a sparsely settled people like ours—so wanting in the facilities of information, and so particularly deficient in elevated organs of literary opinion. We need equally such a review for the purpose of instruction & defence. To render it properly useful, it requires that we should bring together as many of the endowed gentlemen of the South, as duly feel our deficiencies, and desire to cure them. Suffer me to include you in this category, and to hope that you will find pleasure in making the Review the medium of your future communion with the public. Very respectfully & truly,

Yr obt Servt.
W. Gilmore Simms.
'At this time Gayarre (see introductory sketch) was secretary of state for Louisiana.