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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MAY 1849 97 478a : To WILLIAM BROWN HODGSON'
Woodlands April 12. 1849
Hon. Wm. B. Hodgson. dear Sir:
You are already aware that your request has been complied with in relation to the application for the name of the author of the article on the Turkish Language. Mr. Miles (the author) advises me that he has written to you in person. Let me hope that the affinity of tastes & studies between you, will result in an intimacy which shall be equally grateful and instructive to both parties.2—Let me add to this wish another of more selfish character—that Mr. Hodgson will be pleased to find in the Southern Quarterly Review, which is now under my conduct, an appropriate organ for the utterance of his occasional studies and opinions to the public.' With this hope, permit me to subscribe myself his respectful & most obt servt. &c
W. Gilmore Simms
Woodlands S. C. May 5. [184912
M. F. Maury Esq. dear Sir:

There needs no apology for desiring and demanding compensation for your contributions. The vulgar adage is suggestive of a just
'For Hodgson, author, diplomat, and linguist, see note 100, May 9, 1849 (487).
'James Warley Miles (see introductory sketch of the Miles brothers) published "The Turkish Language" (signed "J. W. M.") in the Southern Quarterly Review, XIII (Jan. 1848), 54-78. Hodgson was greatly impressed (see Simms' letter to him of May 9, 1849 [4871).
'We are unable to attribute to Hodgson any article published in the Southern Quarterly Review during Simms' editorship.
'Maury (1806-1873), naval officer, oceanographer, and the author of many books and articles, was in 1842 made superintendent of the Depot of Charts and Instruments at Washington. He later was a commander in the Confederate States Navy.
'Maury's reply to this letter, dated May 12, 1849, is printed in Nathan Reingold's