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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JUNE 1849 101 491b : To CAREY AND HART
Charleston, June 28. 1849.
Mess'rs Carey & Hart Gentlemen
I have had your directions touching the subscription of the Cam-den Literary Society, to the South. Quart. Review, duly attended to. The work for the present year will be dispatched. I have had the sub. charged to myself, and enclose the Reciept to you. You, therefore, will credit me with the amount. Are you publishing any thing? Your works do not reach me, which I regret, on my own account quite as much as yours. My plan is to have short notices in the Review in connection with the acknowledgment of new publications—an opinion being adjusted in a brief & quotable paragraph, of one or more sentences. I am, besides, looked to by one of our daily presses here for the current report on new books.' Some of these I have already sent you, and I have a little parcel made up for you (of your own books) to be sent you hereafter. Does the trade improve, or are you in a surly temper. Would you not venture now upon a new copyright publication?—I must not forget to mention that I have ordered the Review to your address, in the hope that it will secure me your favors. If you send any thing, address it to me individually. It will then be more like to reach me safely.
Very truly Yours &c W. Gilmore Simms
'Probably the Mercury.