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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JULY 1849 103
Publisher requesting him to attend to it, and provide me with the necessary reply or make it himself. I must premise that Mr. B. is an invalid, whose life is of doubtful tenure, very feeble, and that he is unequal to much excitement or many exertions.' He has but lately returned from a trip to the South & West, where he has been endeavoring to put his claims, which are large, in proper train for collection. He is pretty embarrassed, though, I believe that, in the end he will satisfy all creditors. Certainly, I think, that those who contribute to his pages, now, though there may be some delay in case of payment, will most surely get it in the sequel. I beg leave to add that in taking charge of the Review, I confined my agreement solely to the Editorial part of the task, & have no sort of connection with the monetary matters. He begs me to say that he expects to remit you before long the amt. for your contribution, and regrets that he should have been compelled to disappoint you. He pleads in excuse for having done so that your draft found him equally unadvised & unprepared—that his rule is not to pay for contributions before their publication, and though not unwilling, where the means of payt. are obvious, to depart from this rule, the period of your demand was quite unfavorable to his doing so,—his funds having been exhausted by other claimants already recognized, and his collections needing further time before his resources could be resupplied. He repeats the assurance that in a little time, he will provide for your demand.—For myself, permit me to regret the mischance, though I hold myself usually aloof from all this sort of business. I will cheerfully jog the publisher's memory, however, in your case, only entreating you to not to confound his shortcomings with my offences, which are quite enough for my anxieties.—I greatly wonder & regret that my History of South Carolina has not reached the Maryland Hist. Society.' I cover, this very day, a second copy for that Society, to your address, and will have it dispatched by the earliest opportunity.
Yours very truly &c W. Gilmore Simms
'Burges died in Feb. 1850. See letter to Tucker of Feb. 26, 1850 (526). 'See letters to Mayer of June 16, 1844, and Jan, 25, 1845 (202c and 230a).