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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 104 THE SIMMS LETTERS

Charleston July 13. [1849]'
Hon Charles Gayarre dear Sir:

Sympathizing very sincerely with you in regard to the onerous duties of the political contest which keeps you from more agreeable toils, I still congratulate myself with the hope that you will be able soon to appropriate the necessary leisure on the semi-historical & social subject of which we have spoken. I write now rather with the view to saying that I have just put up to be sent you by the earliest vessel a copy of my Histy of South Carolina, which I trust you will find not utterly unworthy of a place in your library. You will find in it proofs, at all events, that I am a genuine Southron if not an historian. With best wishes, believe me Very truly
Your friend &c
W. Gilmore Simms.
P. S. I must not forget to acknowledge the reciept of your excel-lent history'& very agreeable Sketches from History)

'Simms' reference to "the onerous duties of the political contest" suggests 1853 as the date of this letter: in that year Gayarre was defeated, probably by fraudulent votes, as an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. But Simms' expressed desire for Gayarre soon to have "the necessary leisure" to devote to "the semi-historical & social subject of which we have spoken" seems clearly a reference to the article that Simms in his letter of May 17, 1849 (488a), asked Gayarre to write for the Southern Quarterly Review. The "political contest," then, would be the election of 1849, in which Gayarre as secretary of state of Louisiana would necessarily be involved.
'Romance of the History of Louisiana.
'Not identified.