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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JULY 1849 105
Charleston, July 23. [184912 dear Sir:
Can you not throw off for our October pages a brief and lively article upon some familiar topic. I could wish that it would not exceed 10 pages, and that the vein should be playful or satirical. I do not know how you relish the practice in either of these veins, but I fancy that your success in them should lend you to their frequent exercise. Our October contents are generally of a grave character, and of too great length. My contributors are not yet reduced to proper training.—I was fortunate in finding the copies of the Reviews, meant for Europe, still in the hands of the Publisher, so that the correction of the errors pointed out was still in our power.—I still fail to find an opportunity to forward you the packet of my wares designed for your use. Let me repeat the inquiry, previously made, whether you have any person, friend or agent, in Balto. to whose care I might consign it.' I write in haste, but with best regards and Very faithfully
Your frd & servt W. Gilmore Simms
P. S. Have you read the `Kavanagh' of Mr. Longfellow. That bloodless stuff seems sufficiently flat & feeble for the purposes of a

'See introductory sketch.
'Dated by Simms' remarks concerning the corrections Tucker wanted made in his "Macaulay's History of England," Southern Quarterly Review, XV (July 1849), 374-410, before the copies of the Review were sent to Europe. See letter to Tucker of July 14 (497).
'Simms had been sending or planning to send Tucker as many of his published volumes as he "could lay hands on." See letters to Tucker of Apr. 23, May 6, May 29, June 1, and July 13, 1849 (480, 483, 489, 490, and 495).