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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 112 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Woodlands S. C. March 25. [1850]'
J. S. Sims, Esq. dear Sir:
I have just been put in possession of a note of yours addressed to Mr. Littlejohn' touching your non-reciept of the Southern Quarterly Review. I have found pleasure in giving the proper instructions so that your wishes in regard to the work shall be complied with. We have succeeded in securing as publishers a firm of known ability & enterprise, by which the certainty, punctuality & neatness of the work will be permanently ensured. May I entreat of you to use your influence among your neighbours & friends in increasing our Subscription List. It is in the deficiency of patronage that our periodicals fail, or falter; and just now, such an organ of opinion as the Review is absolutely necessary. We have been quite too heedless of the power of such an agent.
Yours very truly &c W. Gilmore Simms

Woodlands S. C. April 3. 1850
Geo. R. Graham, Esq. dear Sir:

I congratulate you on your resumption of the management of your magazine.' It will always give me pleasure to communicate for
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the new publishers of the Southern Quarterly Review. James S. Burges, who died in Feb. 1850, was succeeded as publisher by Joseph Walker and William Carey Richards ("Walker and Richards"). See note 67, Feb. 26, 1850 (526), and note 98, Apr. 13, 1850 (533).
Not identified.
'See note 257, Oct. 19, 1847 (405).
'Because of financial difficulties Graham had been forced to assign Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art to Samuel D. Patterson and Company in Aug. 1848, though he remained the editor. In Mar. 1850 he bought back the magazine.