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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 114 THE SIMMS LETTERS
me to request that the numbers shall be paid for severally as recieved. To conclude, whatever Mr. Godey may determine upon I cheerfully accede to. Address me for the present at "Woodlands, Midway P. O. South Carolina."
Very respectfully &c W. Gilmore Simms. 534a : To WILLIAM JAMES RIVERS'
Woodlands, S. C. April 15 [185012
W. J. Rivers, Esq. dear Sir:
I should greatly like an article from your pen for our July issue of the Southern Quarterly Review. Choose your own subject, and handle it, in your own way, in an article not to exceed, if possible 25 pages. I would rather that you should not take up any subject of Carolina history, inasmuch as I shall make your little pamphlet the text of a paper of my own, which was prepared for the forth-coming number of the Review, but excluded by the contributions of others. Let me entreat you to this field of exercise. It will give you a larger circle of readers than would the publication of an independent pamphlet. Pamphlets never sell, and when the subject is local, are, in Charleston, particularly avoided. In the Review, your audience is the whole South.' Let me hear from you shortly & believe me
Very truly Yours &c W. Gilmore Simms

'Rivers (see note 168, Aug. 2, 1850 (545)) was at this time head of a private classical school in Charleston.
'Dated by Simms' reference to his article on Rivers' Topics in the History of South-Carolina (Charleston: Walker & James, 1850), published as "Topics in the History of South-Carolina" in the Southern Quarterly Review, N. S., II (Sept. 1850), 66-84.
'Rivers contributed "Manual of Ancient Geography and History" to the Southern Quarterly Review, N. S., I (July 1850), 499-503.