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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JANUARY 1852 121 603a : To GEORGE SEABROOK BRYAN'
Jany. 5. [1852]2 dear Bryan.
Your notice of Kennedy is in hand & shall appear in our January issue, which has (in this respect) fortunately, been delayed. The proofs shall be sent you. Recieve my thanks, with the blessings of the New Year, on you & yours.
Very truly &c
W Gilmore Simms Geo. S. Bryan, Esq.
Charleston. Jany 5. [1852]'
A. Hart, Esq. dear Sir:
Before recieving your letter I was distressed at hearing of your loss by fire. I trust that you were quite insured & that you will suffer no serious detriment or loss. I have recieved the Books. Is Thiers' Consulate complete.—In respect to the anonymous book, I could wish still that it should be anonymously published. I do not see that the title should be changed as originally sent you. It is an experiment in a path which I never pursued before, and I am disposed to think that, in our country, the better course is to be anonymous as often and as long as possible. Our people, in their passion for change & novelty (even more great than that of the Athenians) soon tire
'For Bryan, a Charleston lawyer and later judge of the United States Court for the District of South Carolina, see note 122, May 1, 1850 (536).
'Dated by Simms' remark about the forthcoming publication of Bryan's "Kennedy's Swallow Barn" (signed "G. S. B."), Southern Quarterly Review, N. S., V (Jan. 1852), 71-86.
'Dated by Simms' references to the "anonymous book" (As Good As a Comedy) and to Katharine Walton (published in 1851).