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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 122 THE SIMMS LETTERS
of familiar names, and a reputation is seldom long the guarantee for circulation.—I fear that the profits must be small upon so small an edition of Kath. Walton at so small a price. Make it as much as you please & can, for the sake of the poor devil author to whose stock of responsibilities, his wife has just made a new contribution.2—1 fear your Christmas has been too warm a one: let me sincerely hope for you a Happy and a still more prosperous New Year
Yours truly
W. Gilmore Simms

Charleston 6th. March 1852. My dear Tefft.
God willing, I propose on Saturday next, the 13th. inst., with my daughter,' to pay you & your city a visit: nothing but a serious and unexpected evil shall prevent us. I shall not be able to remain with you more than a day or two, arriving on Saturday & leaving on Monday; but Miss S. will no doubt be pleased to trespass for ten days, or a couple of weeks, upon the hospitality of Mama.' My labours at this season are so exacting as to render it impossible for me to suffer my own desires to linger with you to prevail. I am busy with the Review, to be issued on the 1st. April, and which is only half prepared. But I need not make excuses to you. You will, I know, understand without my assurance, the pleasure of which I deprive myself in making my holiday so short in Savannah. Enough. In writing now, my only purpose is to apprise you of our coming. My wife & the rest of my family are still at the plantation. The former would be quite happy to accompany me if she could.
Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms

Sydney Roach Simms was born on Nov. 9. See note 224, Oct. 31, 1851 (600). 618a
'Mrs. Tefft, the former Penelope Waite.