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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1852 123
Charleston S. C. March 13. [1852]'
Hon. Brantz Mayer. dear Sir:
We now never hear from you. Why is this? We shall still be pleased to have an occasional paper from your pen for the Southern Quarterly. I regret, however, that our Publishers still avow the necessity of costiveness, and declare their inability to pay more than "a Mexican" per page.' I am aware that this is no consideration to you, but for myself I am pleased to say that your contributions are a consideration to us. May we not hope to hear from you even on the poor terms of our publishers?
Yours Very truly
W. Gilmore Simms
Woodlands, March [1852]'
Hon Brantz Mayer. My dear Sir:
I am an invalid, and in retirement at the plantation for a season, compelled to rusticate from overwork. I can only scribble you a paragraph to say that the promised article will no doubt prove very acceptable. I am sufficiently conscious of your general merits as a writer & historian to be prepared to admit the just assertion of your claims, & the guaranty which you give, of the capacity of your
'Of the years that Simms was editor of the Southern Quarterly Review, 1852 is the only one in which he was in Charleston on Mar. 13. On that date he planned to visit Tefft in Savannah (see letter to Tefft of Mar. 6 [618a1). He could have written Mayer in the morning before leaving, or perhaps he did not make the trip on the day planned. It is also possible that "March 13" is an error for "March 12."'Simms repeats this phrase in his letter to Mayer of Mar. 1852 (618c).
'Dated by Simms' reference to his notice of Mayer's "brochure, anent Cresap." See note 3, below.