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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MAY 1852 125 625a : To BRANTZ MAYER
Charleston May 10. [1852]'
Hon. Brantz Mayer. My dear Sir.
I thank you very much for your volumes, which I shall read with peculiar interest, not less on their account than your own. Pray remember in future that the obligation is large enough, in the acquisition of your writings, without needing that you should pay the express for transmitting them. Please believe me to be very grateful for your kindness.—We are also in reciept of the article reviewing the volumes from the pen of your friend, Mr. J. Morrison Harris. It is well written,—perhaps a little too floridly—and is already given out to the printers. It will appear as Article vi in our July issue.—Your paper on American Agriculture should have appeared long ago, but that by some wretched carelessness of the printers, it was mislaid. It has only recently turned up. You are aware that our Review is strongly anti-protective. This rendered it necessary that I should not seem to sanction what might favor the policy of the protectionists. But, as you percieve, I confined myself simply to entering a caveat here & there, and did not go into the discussion, which has been gone over with us ad nauseam. 2—The sheets shall be sent you as you request. I shall be happy to hear from you at all times & thank you for the pamphlets.'
Yours, very faithfully &c W. Gilmore Simms
'Dated by Simms' remarks about Harris's "Brantz Mayer's Mexico." See note 2, Mar. 1852 (618c).
'In publishing Mayer's "American Agriculture" in the Southern Quarterly Review, N. S., V (Apr. 1852), [2731-301, Simms added a number of his own notes pointing out what he considered the fallacies in Mayer's argument for a protective tariff.
'Possibly Osmond Tiffany's A Sketch of the Life and Services of Gen. Otho Holland Williams, Read before the Maryland Historical Society . . . March 6, 1851 (Baltimore: Printed by J. Murphy & Co., 1851) and Mayer's Calvert and Penn, which are noticed along with Sebastian Ferris Streeter's Maryland, Two Hundred Years Ago: A Discourse . . . Delivered . . . before the Maryland Historical Society ... May 20, 1852 (Baltimore: J. D. Toy, 1852) in the Southern Quarterly Review for Apr. 1853. See note 2, July 31, 1852 (631a).