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Transcription JULY 1852 131
circulation for it.'—Another matter: Can you procure for me any back numbers which I may lack, of the Shakspeare & Percy Society publications?'
Please answer me at your earliest convenience in regard to these several topics & hold me, meanwhile,
Very truly Yours &c W. Gilmore Simms.

Send me a copy of Hood's Whimsicalities which I did not recieve.8
Charleston, S. C. July 15. 1852.
Geo. P. Putnam, Esq. dear Sir:
I have furnished Mr. W. C. Richards with all the necessary notes from which he may elaborate the sketch of Woodlands, leaving it to himself to say what he pleases of my personal self, with which portion of his work I can, of course, have nothing to do. His brother could have done it quite as well, but he tells me that the latter is now on a tour in your interior. There is a Mr. D. H. Jacques, of N. Y. now editing a child's magazine in your city, who is very clever and who could furnish you some notes of me, my personal habits &c. if applied to. He is a very modest, worthy & intelligent person whom you might find it advantageous sometimes to employ.' I have

'Simms took the manuscript of this unpublished poem, "The Mountain Tramp. Tselica; a Legend of the French Broad," to New York City in Sept. 1852, and later asked Evert Augustus Duyckinck (see introductory sketch) for his "notion as to the propriety of publishing with copious descriptive, legendary, historical & other notes . . . with illustrated title & vignettes from Darley." See letters to Duyckinck of Feb. 16, 1850 (525), and Nov. 10, 1852 (649).
'Simms had earlier asked Frederick Saunders for these. See letter to Saunders of Apr. 4, 1852 (619).
"See note 3, July 15, 1852 (630a).
'We have been unable to discover what "child's magazine" Daniel Harrison Jacques (see note 199, Oct. 16, 1860 [9951), was editing.