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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JULY 1 852 133
such a medium, you publish free of cost; and the publishers are prepared to furnish you with fifty or a hundred extra copies of your communications in pamphlet form, by way of quid. It would give me great pleasure, I assure you to welcome your favors, as often as you should be pleased to accord them.'
Very respectfully & truly Yr. obt. & obliged sert.
W. Gilmore Simms Ed. S. Q. Review.

Office South. Quart. Review. Charleston, July 31. 1852. Hon. Brantz Mayer.
Dear Sir:
I have ordered the extra copies, 25 in number, of the art. on your Mexico, to be addressed to you, at Balto., paying the postage upon them. Some of these copies are designed for Mr. Harris. Will you please divide them with him. We are agreed upon the merits of his art. A more severe taste in the matter of style, would leave us no occasion for complaint. The military articles in the Review, are from the pen of Col. Hammond, of this State, who lately served as President of the Board of Examiners at W. P.' I am in reciept

'Ravenel's "Cryptogamous Origin of Fevers" was published in the Southern Quarterly Review, N. S., I (Apr. 1850), 146-159. No other article in the Review can be attributed to him during Simms' editorship.
'Marcus Claudius Marcellus Hammond (see introductory sketch of the Hammonds) had published in the Southern Quarterly Review the following articles about the Mexican War: "The Battles of the Rio Grande," N. S., II (Nov. 1850), 427—463; "Battle of Buena Vista," N. S., III (Jan. 1851), 146-189; "The Siege of Vera Cruz," N. S., IV (July 1851), 1–40; "Battle of Cerro Gordo," N. S., V (Jan. 1852), 121–153; "The Battle of Contreras," N. S., V (Apr. 1852), 373–426; and "The Battle of Churubusco," N. S., V (July 1852), 78—116. He went on to publish three more: "Battle of El Molino del Rey," N. S., VI (Oct. 1852), 281—315; "Chapultepec and the Garitas of Mexico," N. S., VII (Jan. 1853), 1–52; and "Secondary Combats of the Mexican War," N. S., Vlll (July 1853), 92–130. In ibid., N. S., VI (July 1852), 277, Simms notes that when "Colonel ... Hammond [was' placed on the late board of visitors, at the late examination of the United States Military Academy (at West Point' he was properly honoured with the presidency of the board."