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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription NOVEMBER 1852 135 635a : To BRANTZ MAYER
Office So. Quarterly Review. Charleston, Augt. 13. 1852. Hon. Brantz Mayer
dear Sir:
If you will let me have the paper on the Isthmus for the October, and another paper on Pontiac, for the January issue of the Review, I shall be obliged to you. Of course, I shall wish both on the same terms. I should wish also that neither should exceed 30 pages. Of course, a page or two over, or even five would make no difference; but I should prefer them to range at from 25 to 30.' You have, I trust, recieved the pamphlet copies of the article on your Mexico. If you can persuade Mr. Harris to an occasional article for us, as an amateur, I will esteem it a favor. I say amateur, for though I should prefer to pay for every article we publish, yet our Publishers restrain me.' In fact our collections are so slow in our sparsely settled country that, with a good subs. list, we are always needy.
Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms
Charleston, Nov. 5. 1852.
Hon. Brantz Mayer. dear Sir:
I am sorry that our Correspondent should misrepresent you, as he seems to have done. I am sure his purpose was not to do so, and will transmit your letter to him, in order to enable him to shape

'Apparently Mayer was considering writing articles on Chauncey D. Griswold's The Isthmus of Panama, and What I Saw There (New York: Dewitt and Davenport, 1852) and Francis Parkman's History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac . . . (Boston: C. C. Little and J. Brown, 1851) for publication in the Southern Quarterly Review. No articles on these subjects were published in the Review.
'We cannot attribute to James Morrison Harris any article published in the Southern Quarterly Review during the remainder of Simms' editorship.