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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 142 THE SIMMS LETTERS
I am in New York, you see, and if you come thither, you will find me at a friend's, 136 Twelfth Street.'
Very truly &c Yours—W. Gilmore Simms 676a : To BRANTZ MAYER
Charleston Sept. 29. [1853]'
Hon. Brantz Mayer dear Sir:
I have just got back from New York where I regret that I did not meet you. I now write only to answer the business part of your last friendly note. An article on eith[er]z nay both, of the subjects which you mention, would be very agreeable to us, but I regret to say that our publishers profess themselves unable to accord more than their former price of $1. per page. If you can tolerate this poor compensation—as I confess so totally inadequate—send me both articles.' We are in hopes shortly to do better with the Review. It is improving & increasing in subscribers, & under a new regime, which begins with 1854, I hope to deal more liberally with our friends.
Yours in great haste, but Very truly
W. Gilmore Simms
This was James Lawson's address.
'Dated by Simms' remark about "a new regime, which begins with 1854." The Southern Quarterly Review was purchased by Charles Mortimer, a Virginian, who published the periodical through 1855.
In going from one line to another Simms failed to complete the word. 'See letter to Mayer of Aug. 13, 1852 (635a).