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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JANUARY 1854 143
Office "Southern Quarterly Review."
Charleston, S. C., Decr. 17. 1853'
Hon. Brantz Mayer My dear Sir:
The review has passed into the hands of a new publisher who is apparently quite as liberal in his view as he is active in his business. He is pressing & earnest, & the subscribers to the work are rapidly increasing. He authorizes me to offer you $1.50 per page, for such articles as will suit us, and this pay will be increased with the increasing means of the work. May I hope, therefore, to recieve from you on these terms, the two articles which you suggested to me some time ago?' It is possible that I shall be in Washington to lecture some time this winter.' If so, I shall try to see you when passing through Baltimore.
Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms 691a : To JAMES CHESNUT, JR.'
Woodlands Jan 12. 1854.
Col. James Chesnut jr. My dear Chesnut.
Did I not send you a year or two ago, a prospectus of my Poems, and did you procure me the names of any subscribers, good men & true? If I did, did you forward me the list, or dispose of it in any way. Please let me know, as the volumes are now published & ready for distribution.2-
'"Office 'Southern Quarterly Review.'/Charleston, S. C., 1853" is the
printed letterhead.
'See letters to Mayer of Aug. 13, 1852, and Sept. 29, 1853 (635a and 676a). 'See letter to Mayer of Feb. 8, 1854 (696a).
'See introductory sketch of the Chesnuts.
'On Feb. 5, 1852 (610), Simms had sent Chesnut a prospectus of his Poems