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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 144 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Let me recal to you another matter. In years past you gave me a quasi promise to prepare an article for the Southern Quarterly. That work is still prepared to give you a welcoming reception, and I shall be very happy to have something at your hands.'
I trust you prosper as I do not. Literature in the South is hardly worse than ditching, I grant you, but it is hardly better.
Very truly Yours &c W. Gilmore Simms
Woodlands, Jan. 13 [1854]2 My dear Thompson.
Don't talk to me of stories and contributions just now. I have my hands full, with my Lectures, and preparing the contents of the April review, before I can possibly leave home. These things disposed of, I am your man for any thing. I would I had you here now, in my den, to blow a cloud with me and break a bottle: but not to write. The Messenger for January has not yet reached me. Pray send me one here. I am afraid that for Review in Charleston has miscarried. I shall probably pass through Richmond, about the 3d. of February. Shall return from Washington to lecture. May go on to New York first, on a flying visit. Have you recieved copies of The Yemassee & the Poems.' My Lectures will run over an hour,

Descriptive Dramatic. Legendary and Contemplative, 2 vols. (Charleston, S.C.: John Russell, 1853).
'We obviously erred in suggesting that Chesnut might have been the author of two articles in the Southern Quarterly Review signed "J. C.": "Authority in Matters of Opinion" and "The Destinies of the South." See note 29, Feb. 5, 1852 (610). 692a
'Thompson (see introductory sketch) was editor of the Southern Literary Messenger during 1847-1860.
Dated by Simms' reference to his letter to Thompson of Jan. 3, 1854 (690), in which he requests various back issues of the Southern Literary Messenger, and by his remarks about his forthcoming lectures (see note 4, below).
'The Yemassee is reviewed in the Messenger for Jan. 1854, Poems Descriptive Dramatic, Legendary and Contemplative in the Messenger for Mar. 1854. See note 6, Jan. 3, 1854 (690).