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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1854 147
of like duties in Baltimore. Have you not some Societies there, who accord the quid for such performances. I shall be here till Wednesday of next week, when I propose to take the route north for a week or more; and, en passant, I should be pleased to engage for a couple of lectures in the hope of some moderate compensation. Can the thing be contrived? Please advise me if possible, before I leave this place.' I have not heard from you, in reply to a couple of letters previously, in which my publisher authorized me to offer you $1.50 per page for contributions.'
Yours very truly &c
W. Gilmore Simms 705a : To EDWARD DROMGOOLE'
Woodlands, Midway P. O. S. C. March 17. 1854 Edw. Dromgoole, Esq.
dear Sir.
I have had the Southern Quarterly Reviews, the numbers for January & April, forwarded to you at Summit P.O. as you desired.

10. On the evenings of Feb. 13 and 15 he lectured on "The Moral Character of Hamlet." See note 27, Feb. 10, 1854 (698).
Simms did not lecture at Baltimore on this tour. For his itinerary, see note 4, Jan. 13, 1854 (692a).
'See letter to Mayer of Dec. 17, 1853 (687a).
'This letter is addressed to "Edwd. Dromgoole Esq./(Atty at Law)/Summit P. O./Northampton County/North Carolina." We are unable to locate an Edward Dromgoole residing in Summit at this date; there was, however, an Edward Dromgoole who was a prominent planter at Lawrenceville, Brunswick County, Va., only a short distance from Summit. Paul 1. Chestnut of the Manuscript Department, Duke University Library, writes us that this Dromgoole (d. 1895) was graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1845 and that a number of his papers are included in the George C. Dromgoole and Richard B. Robinson Papers now at Duke. The National Union Catalogue lists an Address of E. Dromgoole of Brunswick on Fertilizers. Delivered before the Farmers' Convention, in Petersburg, August 13th, 1872 ... (Petersburg: J. B. Ege, 1872). Simms lectured at Petersburg, Va., on Mar. 6 and 7 (see below), and since the Petersburg Daily South-Side Democrat of Mar. 7 lists among the arrivals at Jarratt's Hotel on Mar. 6 "E. Dromgoole, Brunswick," there can be little doubt that he met him there—perhaps Dromgoole had gone to Petersburg especially to hear Simms. Dromgoole must have been in Summit on business at the time Simms wrote his letter.