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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription APRIL 1854 149 707a : To ROBERT S. CHILTON'
Woodlands, S. C. Midway P. O. April 3. 1854. R. S. Chilton, Esq.
dear Sir:
Absence from home has kept me from sight of your letter till the present moment. I have just written to remind Mr. Thompson' of his promise, in your behalf, touching the M.S. of Poe; and I trust you will not be disappointed. Mr. T. has the M.S. and has, I am sure, every disposition to comply with your wishes) Until the 15th. May my address will be at this post town (Midway P. O. So. Caro.) After that period, Charleston. I mention this, as the misdirection leads to circuitous routes, and some delays, which, in certain cases might be of mischievous effect.
Very truly Yours &c W. Gilmore Simms 709a : To N. B. MORSE. JR.'
Woodlands, So. Carolina April 28. 1854. N. B. Morse, Jr.

Your request so modestly urged is cheerfully complied with. I feel it always a pleasure, as a privilege, to promote the wishes of my
'Chilton, a native of New Jersey, was in the diplomatic service and in 1898 was United States consul at Goderich, Ontario.
'John Reuben Thompson.
'Chilton was an avid collector of autographs and manuscripts. When his collection was exhibited at the Rowfant Club, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1898, it did not contain a manuscript of Poe. It did contain a manuscript of Simms'"The Lost Pleiad." See Catalogue of Autographs and Manuscripts Shown by the November Section of the Rowfant Club at the Club House, Prospect Street, Cleveland ... Saturday Evening, November 26, 1898.
'The cover of this letter gives Morse's address as Brooklyn, N.Y. Anne M. Gordon, Librarian of the Long Island Historical Society, writes us that in Lain's