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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 160 THE SIMMS LETTERS
address, in a sealed packet, and send it to Henry C. Baird, Esq. of your city. I will send you a poetical trifle, in a week or two, for which I shall be pleased to have your work continued to me next year.' I believe that I want one or two of your back numbers to complete my set, & shall write to you on the subject whenever I can do so with certainty. I am now at the plantation drinking in as much of the Indian Summer, as will come to me at my desk. I am busy preparing "Eutaw", the sequel to "The Forayers."'
Yours truly &c
W. Gilmore Simms A. H. See, Esq.
Woodlands, Jan 27. [1856]' Dear Captain.
I will do the article for you, according to the plan & terms proposed by Fletcher,'& shall have it ready for you some time in March. The material is abundant, &, with the plates, can be rendered very interesting. The plan may be pursued with every city in the union and may be made a highly interesting feature of your work. I throw out this hint to you. A dozen or 15 prints of public buildings might suffice for each. If I go to Savannah, as I expect to do in a month or so, I can inquire after some body who would do that city. If you write to Hon. A. B. Meek,' of Mobile, he can
'During 1856 Simms published only one poem in Graham's: "Ballad" ("Beside the sea, beside the sea"), signed "Adrian Beaufain," XLIX (Oct.), 343.
'The Forayers or the Raid of the Dog-Days was published by Redfied, New York, in 1855; Eutaw a Sequel to the Forayers, or the Raid of the Dog-Days a Tale of the Revolution was published by the same firm in 1856.
'Joseph Wesley Harper, of the firm of Harper and Brothers, was known as "the
Captain." See note 186, Dec. 15, 1848 (455), and note 1, Sept. 24, 1836 (41a). 'Dated by Simms' remarks concerning his article for Harper's New Monthly
Magazine—"Charleston, the Palmetto City." See note 1, Sept. 6, 1856 (816a). 'Fletcher Harper. See note 46, Mar. 5, 1866 (1150).
'Alexander Beaufort Meek.