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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription FEBRUARY 1856 161
do for that place a good article. In N. Orleans, you can find many able persons for the task there, &c.
Your friend as ever W. Gilmore Simms.
If Fletcher has any hints to give, let him give them promptly.
Woodlands Midway P. O. So. Caro. Feb. 12. 1856. My dear Col.
I wrote to you last year, but got no answer, and prefer ascribing this failure to a failure of the mails, rather than to your neglect.' I now write, renewing the subject of my former letter. I am invited to Lecture before the Lyceum at Cheraw & have consented to do so. This will carry me into your precincts, & I am anxious to know, if an arrangement can be made which will enable me to Lecture before your people. My terms are fifty dollars for a single Lecture, but $100 for a course of four. The usual plan pursued hitherto has been this: the gentry of a town & its precincts, form a committee, invite the Lecturer, raise subscriptions, assume the responsibility & throw the doors open to the community pro bono publico. This is the popular, perhaps, the only mode in a country like ours. Now, can this thing be done with Camden. Can you set in motion a circle of intelligent gentlemen who will be at the pains to collect the subscriptions & make the arrangements. I will agree, as it is in some degree en route, to give two Lectures for $50, or 5 for $100 at Camden, sometime in March. Of course, I need not to you, dwell upon the necessities of popular education among us, or expatiate upon the utility, of a public Lecturer to a people such as ours. This is the popular mode of education at the North. This,
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