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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 162 THE SIMMS LETTERS
with periodical literature, is the only agency for interesting a sparsely settled people on general topics.' Please write me, & let me know what you think & what you can do, & oblige
Yours Ever truly
W. Gilmore Simms. 811a : To WILLIAM CAREY RICHARDS
Charleston. June 25. 1856. My dear Sir:
It requires at this moment no small amount of courage & fortitude simply to pen a letter. We are in the enjoyment of the most melting moods of June. The thermometer for the last few days has ranged between 90 & a 100 in otherwise cool places. We stew, fry, roast, broil, bake, burn,—rather than live, eat, sleep, drink, breathe or dream. There is no thinking to be done, and, for the last 10 days, I have scarcely touched pen & paper; and when I fail in this proclivity you may reasonably calculate on the strangest atmosphere changes. Give me credit, accordingly, for the effort to write you now. That I shall be enabled to get through with the performance, is another and a still doubtful matter. But I am anxious to satisfy you, by a sufficiently prompt answer to your last letter, that if you have not recieved those which I assert myself to have written, then the devil or the Post master is in it! Of those of which you speak, I have recieved nothing. Of the birth of your daughter in February I now learn for the first time. I congratulate you on the advent of Mabel, and sincerely trust that she will prove a May belle until the happy period, when some good fellow will be properly authorized to call her Ma Belle. Please present to Mrs. R. my congratulations on the auspicious progress of the new corner. Her "Aspiration" by the way, does not yet reach me) But I learn from the newspapers

2Simms lectured at Cheraw, Sumter, and Camden, S.C., in late Feb. and early Mar. See letter to Chesnut of Mar. 7, 1856 (804).
'Richards married Cornelia Holroyd Bradley, daughter of George and Sarah