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Transcription SEPTEMBER 1856 165
Stewarts is of Gotham. For this you will please apply to the engraver, J. Lansing, 42 Cedar St. N. Y. who will provide you with a copy. Ask for Browning and Leman's engraved building. The roll contains engravings of Calhoun Monument, and sundry churches. The box holds the Daguerretypes & M.S. For the Daguerretypes I have had to pay an average price of $5. Some have cost me $6 and $7. others $3 & 4. I trust that the paper will suit you. Of course you are at liberty to abridge, or to alter any thing which you may deem amiss) But I fancy that the publication will be very acceptable here, and will furnish a motive for a series of similar papers, illustrating Baltimore, the monumental city, Philadelphia, the Quaker City, New Orleans, the Crescent City, Savannah, the city of Oglethorpe or Yamacraw, &c. Let me hear from you, & Believe me very truly as ever, Yours &c
W. Gilmore Simms

'Simms'"Charleston, the Palmetto City," Harper's New Monthly Magazine, XV (June 1857), 111-22, was evidently revised before publication. There is no mention of the fashionable retail shop," Browning and Leman, which, according to The 2harleswn City and General Business Directory for 1855 (Charleston: David M. 3azlay, 1855), was located at the corner of King and Market Streets. Nor is there a picture of the building. Probably this alteration was made because in 1857 the irm no longer was in existence: the Charleston Mercury during the early part of :hat year carries advertisements for A. F. Browning of the late firm of Browning and Leman at 243 King Street, opposite Hasell, and of Bancroft, Leman and Co. The article carries engravings of a "Bird's-Eye View of the Palmetto City," of eighteen buildings (seven of them churches), of two monuments (a "Monument n Magnolia Cemetery" and the "Calhoun Monument") and of two plans—twenty-:hree illustrations in all.